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If you want to try contacting him on your own >>>>>>>>

Be sure and check out some background articles on the man to make your letters more personal 

Please Mr. Halvorson read these letters and contact these people. Please don't continue
to send attorneys that try to intimidate to avoid facing the problem.

A CPA writes to you
pointing out what she
believes is illegal activity.

Hillary Levy has been trying to speak with you.

Jupirena Stein would like you to know what she has learned about your company.

George HalvorsonTo attempt to directly contact  George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente
call  510-271-2640 or write to:
One Kaiser Plaza, 1550 Ordway, Oakland, California 94612 
Attention:  Mr. George Halvorson
Here is his most recently reported accurate e-mail address:

The above phone number is really just a glorified call center that has been set up for purposes of sending your issues off to someone else.  Mr. Halvorson could conceivably get your message but generally complainees will be referred back to the Kaiser Regional Offices and nothing more will happen.  Be prepared if someone answers the telephone for  them to pass you off to their media relations people.  In fairness, some people have been helped by writing to Mr. Halvorson.

Previously Mr. Halvorson's office had requested that all inquiries for assistance in rectifying patient matters be addressed to Jay Crosson, the Permanente President.  However, Jay is retiring and was unreachable for consumer/patient concerns anyway.

I, doubt that that his replacement, Jack Cochran will care any more than Jay did when it comes to helping patients or fixing system problems.

Recently people have been contacting us to somehow magically get their letters to Mr. Halvorson for them. They do not believe that  he is receiving them.  

People want to make him aware what the company he represents is doing.  So this section has been created for the public to have placed online their request to have George Halvorson contact them directly. That way people will be able tell him what their concerns are and just maybe he will read them here and go out of his way to start helping people.

So if you wish your letter to Mr. Halvorson online so he can read it, send it in to us if it pertains to gaining his assistance with medical matters.  This is not a political forum and those types of issues must be addressed elsewhere.  My contact information is:, or write to  any of the other people on the contact link at the top of this page.  We will place your letter online for you.